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MageyMemo Sign up

1. What is MageyMemo user Sign Up?

When you sign up with MageyMemo via Web & Mobile application, you can enjoy an online doctor booking service and payment options to complete the transaction and get a confirmed appointment from the clinics/hospitals that have subscribed for the service.

2. How do I Sign Up with MageyMemo?

You can visit mobile app click Sign up button. You can simply register with phone number/email address and NIC/Passport.

3. Do I have to pay an annual subscription fee or a one-time payment to get registered?

Not at all, the registration is provided free of charge. We want to make empowering you with our services to be a convenient and affordable process as much possible. Please feel FREE to register with MageyMemo.

4. I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

You can click on “Forgot password” from Sign-in page and follow the steps.

5. What are the benefits that I get by signing up with MageyMemo?

  • You can easily keep track of all your doctor bookings and make re-bookings on MageyMemo and make payment through it faster.


1. What is MageyMemo?

MageyMemo is a service that offers convenient booking facilities for Doctor Appointments at clinics and hospitals in Maldives.

2. What hospitals are available with MageyMemo?

3. How can I use the Doctor booking service through MageyMemo?

  • Visit
  • Download the “mageymemo” mobile app from Google play store or App Store.
  • Anyone in the Maldives can use this service for the partnered clinics

4. How do I download MageyMemo Mobile Application?

“MageyMemo” Mobile Application can be downloaded via Google play store or App store.

5. How do I search a doctor using MageyMemo?

3 Easy steps to search a doctor at your convenience

  • Step 1: Type the doctor's name and search
  • Or
  • Step 2: Select the available Clinics/hospital and search
  • Or
  • Step 3: Select the specialization and search

6. How do I book an appointment with a doctor?

  • Select the required session of the doctor, and enter the patient details and select the preferred payment method and proceed. You have 5 minutes to complete the transaction.

7. How do I know that the doctor appointment has been successful?

Once you proceed with the payment you will receive a confirmation SMS including below details to your mobile from MageyMemo.

Ref No: xxxxxxxx
Doctor: Doctor Name
No: Appointment Number
Hospital: Clinic /Hospital Name
Date: Session Date
Time: Session Time (Time may vary according to doctor's arrival time)

8. What are the booking charges?

  • Hospital fee and Doctor Fee may vary according to the Doctor and the Hospital
  • Convenience charge to book through the App = MVR 15.00 per appointment

9. What are the payment options available?

Web site

  • DhiraaguPay
  • BML

10. If I misplaced or deleted the booking confirmation SMS, how can I get the SMS back?

  • Use “My Bookings” feature on home page/mageymemo mobile app

11. Whom Should I call for inquiries?

  • Call the respective clinics
  • Call 123 for assistance to download and use the app

12. How do I make a suggestion about MageyMemo service?

You may email to

13. How secure are the health information that I store in My Health Records?

Currently, we will not store your health records, your doctor visit information may be stored in secured servers that can only be accessed by you and the clinics upon providing proper authorization credentials.

14. How can I access my past booking receipt?

Click on “My Bookings” on, MageyMemo mobile app home page main menu and select, “Download Booking Receipt”. You can access your any past booking receipts by simply entering reference number & NIC.

15. I didn't receive my recent booking confirmation SMS. How can get it?

  • Click on “My Bookings” on, MageyMemo mobile app home page or main menu and select, “Resend Last Booking SMS”. You can get the last booking confirmation SMS by simply entering phone number & NIC. Only 3 attempts are allowed per booking.

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